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Default Re: hello fellow motorized bikers

Thx. You may have seen one like this. But you haven't seen this one before. I built this frame myself from scrap bike frames. I copied the Blow-by-you full suspension bike. Cuz I don't have $2200.00 bucks to buy there's. I have about $300.00 invested in this one. I'm lucky to have a used bike store near my house that has tonage of stuff for super cheep. They gave me a pile of frames they were going to throw away. I cut them up and made this frame. My buddy gave me the forks and shock. And I made the rear sway arm out of one inch square toobing with crank arms ground down to fit inside toobing and welded in place. The swivel is a bottom bracket with standerd 4 sided axel. Bike weights 65lbs. I have about 200 miles on it so far. No major problems with it. Very smooth ride lots of travel, lots of fun! Cheers.

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