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Default Proper Break-in and Making your engine last.

I remember reading a post that Thatsdax did about breakin. It read something like 10min on and 10 min off for the engine for the first 30miles and then something like 50% throttle (or low throttle) for the first 400-500miles.

he also recommended never going full throttle down hills if you want to

Also a 20:1 mixture during that time. I have a 50cc thatsdax kit and my bike will be up and running soon. If anyone remembers the post Im referring to please link.

Also I would love everyones input on whats safe and what isn't. Do i really need to break it in for 4-5 hundred miles???

for break-in procedures go here (didn't look around too well did I?): (although its not really definitive yet)

I would still like some tips for making the engine last.

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