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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

Thanks you guys. Yes, I'm very pleased with how the tank is coming along. I'm learning a lot from Dan about metal work in general. He's been a good friend and a fine teacher. Last night a storm interrupted the internet so here's the rest of the update.

Next up we started on the bottom piece by doing the bend at the front underside of the tank. Dan achieved a more gradual bend instead of a sharp one by clamping down a section of pipe at the bend. This way the bend will conform to the shape of the tank. Clever, and I will remember that. With that bend accomplished we set the tank on top and inscribed a cutting line. Dan did the cuts with tin snips, right on the money. A powerful grip is needed to do it this way. With some checking for fit, the bottom piece is now ready to be drilled for hanger mounting holes and the petcock. Next week we'll get the acorn nuts tacked in place, solder them to seal them up, solder the petcock fitting and then tack weld the bottom to the rest of the tank.

In the mean time I will finish out the hole for the bung and grind out the tack welds smooth to the tank surface.
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