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Default Re: Centrifugal Clutch Option?

Why? When my 1st HT motor grenaded, I took the chain off the back cog and zip-tied it, then pedaled home.

Originally Posted by foureasy View Post
i have been thinking about a little oil bath, the clutch i have on my bike has the highest stall speed that these auto clutches can handle. after repeated takeoffs the clutch gets pretty hot, so hot that i have to run it without the cover on. i would even like a higher stall, but other than the heat, a higher stall would probably rip the spokes right off the wheel. i have yet to find a 24" rear wheel with disk mounting for the sprocket.

@gear nut
you are right about the stock clutch, too much grease makes it slip. the first time i hit the power band on this bike with the gilardoni cylinder, it slipped the brand new, perfectly adjusted, and completely grease free clutch all the way to the redline. that clutch stood absolutely no chance. i had no issues with the alukit cylinder and the stock clutch, but it only made 5.3 hp. with only my testing to go by, i would say that 5.5hp is probably the limit of the stock guy. so, my point is that i welded the flywheel to the ring gear on the stock clutch and eliminated the lever. which is why i can only roll the bike when its running. there is no pedaling on my bike anymore, the last time it ate a piston i had to ditch it in some bushes and walk home.
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