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Lightbulb Re: Gas Tank Caps, , , , Hmmmmmm

Holy smokes, you are not kidding! I thought I was going to die in a fireball the one day I filled my happytime up to capacity! I got back on the street and took off, no problem. At about 20mph and speeding up, fuel started SPRAYING all over my chest and face! I killed the motor and pulled over to a yard, ready to stop drop and roll, but nothing happened, so I just hosed off before it started chemically burning me up.

I suppose you can dry out your cap, solder fill the vent hole, and dry out your tank (seriously! don't play) and drill for a grommet and weedeater line, and run that line just barely inside the tank, and down to the bottom of the frame. Else you can make it 1" -3" long and add a check-ball vent cap to it from mower shop. That should do it!
PS you will still not be able to fill it 100%.

It's possible you could modify the cap, but it would probably be more sure thing to seal it and vent the tank. The cap has a spring and stuff in it, not sure how hard it would be to drill through.
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Originally Posted by Mike B View Post
Nope. They're crap.

Never ever fill it up so far that the gas touches the bottom of the cap or it won't just leak, it will gush.
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