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Default Re: i think my "80cc" has issues. top speed only 28mph with shifter kit...

i overhauled the carb, took it apart as per normans guide cleaned it out, enlarged the jet one size up, and slapped it back on with the same results. one of my clients just purchased a "80cc" kit from me so i ordered 2 kits (yes i resell BGF kits locally for a profit) one for me one for him. When it comes i will be swapping parts around to see what my problem is plus i have another bike that i need to put together for a different client so it should work out well. only problem is i have to wait 4 days for it to ship from Cali. wish there was reasonably priced sellers on the east coast. anyone want to express mail me a CDI?

i even modified my intake manifold to add a valve that will allow me to lean it out little by little (fuel petcock) it does give me more low end power when i adjust it, however i still hit that invisible rev limiter when i try to go WOT and cant get past 20mph in 7th gear. I have experience fixing cars and the syptoms that i am getting is typical of fuel starvation (clogged filter, bad gas, feul pump, etc) however there are very rare occasions that i had to replace an ignition coil pack to cure that problem. But the cars i have experience fixing were all fuel injected ford/linc/mercury. none of which are 2 stroke (not that there is a 2 stroke car but you know what i mean), but i am guessing the same principles apply. I do know for a fact as goat herder pointed out in another thread that ignition systems will fail under load i have seen this MANY times on fords and other vehicles.

not experienced with magneto setups, is it possible it could be the magneto on the left side of the engine?

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