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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

Yesterday we made good progress on the gas tank in the Tinsmith's shop. First up I tack welded the nickle plated acorn nuts to the inside surface of the top piece to serve as anchors for the tank hanger bolts. All had been sanded down the remove the nickle plating on the bottom part of the nuts so they will better accept solder later on when we seal them up. Each nut got one zzzttt on opposing sides, so two tacks per nut. I was off a bit on one of them, welding too high up onto the crown which is very thin we discovered... and blew right through it. So that one got cut off, ground down and another nut tacked into place more carefully.

Next we began the process of tacking the top piece to the sides. Dan tacked the first bit at the tail end where it curls under the rear of the tank. Then we clamped it down midway to draw the parts together.
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