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Default Re: i think my "80cc" has issues. top speed only 28mph with shifter kit...

Originally Posted by Saddletramp1200 View Post
Hey, You are not and should never run a brand new motor full out for a least 200 miles. The rings need to seat to the cylinder wall. If you have "glazed" the cylinder walls you loose compression and it will never get better. Varry your speed, don't go full throttle for at least a gallon or more and It will mos likely be fine.
i agree with you, and i have been taking it fairly easy on the motor (prior to me purchasing the shift kit i would cruise at around 18-20mph but i wanted to see what it could do with some gears only one or 2 times), but even if the walls were glazed and it had lower compression as a result, there still isn't a reason for the engine to not rev past what i think is about 3500-4k rpm without any load if compression was lower than normal it would just be low on power and or misfire but it has quite a bit of power up to about 3-4k rpm where it hits that invisible wall. In fact it will rev high maybe to 5k at most then bog down to about 3-3.5k rpm with WOT. If i feather the throttle i can slowly get it up to about 5k rpm and maybe stay there but anything past 3/4 throttle and it bogs down to the 3k range (note i am only guessing the RPM based on sound).

feels like a car with a rev limiter.

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