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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by rustycase View Post
Sry to hear of you being beaten, gnu!

I'm pleased to see someone has finally noticed, or at least commented on way-back seats.

For comfort, worst place is over the rear axle, or even close to it.
You get every bit of hop the axle sees that can not be diminished by your seat springs.

With a tall seatpost, you get amplified hop, AND a forward/backward jolt along with a horrid cg.

Probably best place for seating is near as possible to axle height, midway between the axles.

I think the recumbent guys figured it out.
I never tried one.
Perhaps I should!

do you know how crazy that would look with a motor on it ? !! absolutly sick! llllow an sssllllow.
four wheels move the body . two wheels move the soul
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