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Default Re: Do peddlers hate me?

Originally Posted by flmotorbikes View Post
I've never had a problem maybe their just jealous that their bikes are much slower and unattractive
I didn't mean to suggest that I have a big problem with other bicyclists. I should say that the majority of people I meet are interested in asking me questions about my bike and how I like it or otherwise have no problem with me or my MB. When I encounter hostility or disapproval from other bicyclists I I usually just smile and go about my day. I was just pointing out the fact that there is some hostility toward motorized bicycles from a minority number of peddlers.

I've also noticed that some bike shops in my town have no interest in selling stuff to MB'ers, I guess they are worried about liability lawsuits or something but some are not interested in selling me anything more than seat or a lock. They mostly know nothing about parts like duel brake levers or extended pedal cranks. I buy just about everything on-line.
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