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Default Re: My first cruiser build.

I got it working! I feel like a dummy! I went ahead and took the carb apart, and wouldn't you know, the c-washer was underneath the c-clip on the needle instead of on top for the spring! It made me laugh knowing it was something as simple as a misplaced piece. I also went ahead and took the clutch cover off since the clutch didn't feel right, and there was a screw missing for the clutch adjustment nut.I set the clutch and found a screw that fit and Presto! She started running. I broke her in all day long! Only problem I had was my exhaust damn near fell off, so I made a gasket and put it back together. I am now, due to vibration, going to cut up a tire tube and add them to the engine mounts to reduce vibration. I got my speedo in the mail and now I am just waiting for the blinkers and headlight/horn combo and I will post some more pics of her. I also plan on matching the motor to the bike and paint the fenders with lightning bolts running down them. I will keep ya'll posted! Thanks for all of the help so far everyone!
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