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Default Re: What's the deal with all newbies first builds.?

I agree with sticky. kind of. I say build what you want but be responsable with it. My first build ( a Taylar BTR 66cc) is being eventually converted to 100cc honda power. Highly illegal where I am, but Im not going to ride it on the streets anymore once finished. It will be a: take to car / bike shows, organized "cruise" events and occasionally, haul over to Cali for orginazed rides where they ARE legal. My new build Im just starting; will be a totally legal 49cc HS Felt build, for actually ridin around. Puttin a RD350 motor on a old mountan bike and doing the cut and thrust through traffic is just asking for it, and sturring up trouble for the rest of us. Keep it on the track or goin to shows.
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