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Default Re: What's the deal with all newbies first builds.?

"its usually due to a small group of self righteous nay sayers have lobbied the local legislation."

THIS I would disagree with- this may be what it all appears to be, but I think it all beats , and has beaten, to the drums of Big Oil- who work sometimes very subtuilly to keep sane high mileage, inexpensive transportation off the streets, if it doesn't sell a lot of gasoline and make people jump for the high priced carrot they always make vehicles.

They'll say it's to protect the children, but it's about selling gasoline

The bicycle business as a whole has suffered much because of low key moves even inside the business itself- after 40 years around it I'm convinced-

I've written some here and on other forums about it, and hope to put a more comprehensive overview of it together-

It's also why we need to keep it sane, and not blow through stop signs, and keep it muffled down- actually better gearing makes for quieter revs at speed I think.
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