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Default Re: What's the deal with all newbies first builds.?

I have to admit most of my bikes are in the outlaw area by engine size. Other wise they are in compliance as well as the requirements for the operator. I constantly pass by the locals and always give and get a wave. They are well aware Im riding an MB. Ive never had an issue. I Guess if I was rippin it up and riding excessively fast it would be a different matter. Seems what you ride and how is as improtant as the legality. I assure you I could get myself quickly stopped on a totally legal bike if it was excessively loud and being ridden too fast. I have some straight pipe 4strokes, and a really fast MB. I stay out of town with em. I dont encourage being illlegal, but in my area it takes a 100ccs to make a practical motorized bicycle and I takes my chances and ride accordingly.
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