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Default What's the deal with all newbies first builds.?

I just got done viewing 17 pages of threads in laws and legislation section. It strikes me to hear more than enough new bikers wanna jump into a 99 cc or even higher cc first build. Then when they take it out on the town they either blow the frame/break something or get hassled by the cops. It's no wonder 17 pages are full of threads saying " I got a ticket" or harassed by cops. Wouldn't it be better to build a nice 4 stroke 49 cc Honda or HS to ride FIRST or if your 2 stroke grind the damn plate off and don't BLOW by cops with no helmet doing 35 or more MPH. Stay within 66-80 cc motors. All bikes with motors will be illegal if this kind of thinking takes place. Hey I know for my first build I'll build a 212 cc Walmart bike, crash or kill myself then wonder why the next guy can't build his 49 cc Honda 4 stroke and enjoy the hobby/ sport. Let's get real newbies read before u build. All the threads here not just what exp builders use to make a kick ass higher than normal cc rocket. Just my opinion in the threads I'm reading. For my first build I took tons of info from the exp guys and the thing to do is listen.
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