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Originally Posted by kerwin50 View Post
I've read that there are lots of mods that needed to be done with the HT engines
But does the 2 stroke from thatsdaxs have the same issues.
I'd really like just to concentrate on building a motorized bike and not have to go through the engine. replacing bolts and studs and the likes
dax is similiaar to the other ones,,i replaced spark plug wire cause the stock one always falls apart,i havnt needed to tear down anything major,and you probobly wont have to either if you are not comfortable.
you proboly wont have to replace any studs as long as you dont over tighten them.
have you looked at pirate cycles 2 stroke kit?,i think its a bit cheaper and sais upgraded hardware,so that sounds like a good choice.i think they have good reviews too.
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