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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Whew, that's a lot of info Goat and Killer, good stuff though. Here I am up to me ears in engines, and you are guys are tempting me with something better!
I did a little research and it looks to me like cheap clones and emission standards killed off the Morinis. Another thing, my engines are in the 3.5HP range and they haul pretty good. I'm agreeing that anything over 4/5HP will put a heck of a strain on conventional bike components. As you guys point out, the choice is to stay within that range or be prepared to totally upgrade components to ensure durability (When is a motorized bicycle not a motorcycle?!?!?). Not sure I'm ready to go that route. Another important consideration, do the Morinis, DAX 50s, and KTMs have stators to power accessories? Being an old motorcycle hack, this seems to be a real drawback to the Chinese and Honda units. Thinking I might have to design my own engine,mmmmmmm. Got some ideas. Would be super cool to trailer the Hornet and Stiletto to Maryland. Might have the Spoiler out of the boxes by then. Are you guys going?
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