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Default Re: Do peddlers hate me?

I think a few are missing the point.
"Motor Vehicle" and "Motorized Vehicle" are not the same thing. States have wording in their laws to describe what they consider a "Motor Vehicle". But has anyone ever found a legal description for "Motorized Vehicle"?

There is a park near my house that has signs that say "No Motorized Vehicles" and it goes on to say, "No Remote Control Toys". Does that mean a child with a remote controled car can't run it on the trails? Your guess is as good as mine on that. This same park prohibits...dogs, fishing, kite flying, toy rockets, any flying objects (Frizibe?) but, you can bring your kids to scream their heads off for three or four hours playing soccer. In fact, soccer is about the only thing you can do in that park that's not prohibited by the signs placed there by the county. Same for the bike trails through it.

There is no clear cut defination of a "Motorized Vehicle" and as yet no one here has posted a copy of any law that does define it.
The issue as I see it is that if we continue to be a nuisance to the majority of the people who use bike trails, we will be regulated. This is why I stress being considerate when we use them. Slow down, don't harass the spandex/dog walkers/people with kids and dogs and be courteous. If you encounter opposition, just ride away and don't get into confrontations which can only escalate into legal issues eventually.
Just my opinion.

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