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Default Re: Please help me get started

Originally Posted by I forgot bullets View Post
I did check out the shift kit.
It doesn't make sense to me to strain a bikes standard derailer to that point.
This is why Im lookin at the nuvinci, it would eliminate the chain having to gap multiple gears, would that help?
But now I know what I'm using if it doesn't
We talked in PM, you want to build a shifter yourself that will handle a lot of elevation change in CO and be reliable correct?

You picked a bad time to start that project, me too it seems, I can't even find a good new 4S motor and tranny, I called Nationwide Access LLC (sikebikes/kings) direct today and they are telling me 2-4 weeks before new 4-stroke kits come in.

Even worse for me I guess since I already ordered a 4S SBP shift kit and it's on it's way.

About the NuVinci CVP internal shifting hub, and this is 1st hand experienced knowledge...

They simply won't hold up to a powerful 2-stroke motor with no 'cush' for long, I am seeing a darn near 70% failure on the few a friend and I built in 100 miles if not sooner, like 10 miles in one case.

I do however believe a more 'cushed' lower HP 4-stroke drive would be OK for a NV hub to handle so I am keeping that option open, but after riding mine for months I found the shifting I tended to constantly do annoying, I mean really annoying, and just use a 3-speed internal now.
If the motor has enough power to cover an entire gear range and then some, 3 gears is plenty for my desert riding.

You might want to look into a 5-speed internal Strumey-Archer hub for under $100 for you mountain riding needs, the total drive ratio range is only a bit larger than 3-speed, but that 1-3 range should make short work of your uphill climbs, and then an insane ratio for speed on the downhill side if want ;-}
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