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Default Re: Please help me get started

Let me elaborate
Looking for a 49-60cc so I don't need a license
I have a Honda sport bike so I'm interested in the gx50
I've been lookin around and found nuvinci n360
I would have never considered it till now
Can I run that with an engine and have my pedals and engine on the same gear?

If not can I run the nuvinvi with the motor and have the pedals on a single gear? (roles switched)

Money isn't an issue as this will be my main mode of transportation
The reason I don't buy a Vespa is that we have 1 and it's stock 49cc can't handle the grade where I live
If you suspect the bike engine wont add any enhanced performance please let me know. And maybe further explain as to what cc I need to comfortably ride uphill
I am 145 lbs of pure muscle
Thanks for the help!
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