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Default Re: My first cruiser build.

Originally Posted by Recreative82 View Post
Okay, I am having some trouble with my bike. I have it all hooked up, and when I go to try and start it, it just won't start. I went throught the directions 3 times to make sure I did everything that they stated and still no luck. When I let go of the clutch to engage the chain to start it, the motor just won't start like I have no spark. It gets really hard to pedal when I let go of the clutch. The first time I tried, it sounded like it was going to start, but nothing. The fuel petcock is on, I depressed the plunger button twice, pedaled then let out. I connected the two motor wires to the appropriate colored wires on the CDI, the kill switch yellow wire to the engine white and the black kill switch wire to frame ground. Now, for the frame ground, should I drill a hole and screw into that or is it okay to use the mounting bolt to the motor for ground. I am a tad bit frustrated and just want to make sure I am not missing something. Please help me!
Is that what your instructions said to do, ground out the white wire for the kill switch? My instructions had me connect the kill switch to the same wires on the CDI that the blue and black engine wires connected to, and just cap off the white wire. But I guess the kit instructions can differ.

Also, I am not sure how well your bike frame would work as a ground, since it is insulated from the... ground. The frame on a car works since it leads back to the negative terminal on the battery, but unless you have a 6V battery connected to your bicycle frame, I do not think it would work well.

But for now, you can just disconnect the kill switch altogether to take that out of the loop. They are notoriously easy to break, so it may be stuck closed. The bike will start and run fine without it, and you can kill the motor by dumping the clutch while stopped, no worries!

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