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Default Re: OCC Schwinn 4hp issues NEED HELP

That clutch is made to be mounted on the motor it needs to spin a certian amount of rpms to fully lock up and not smoke the clutch pads. By reducing the amount of rpms the clutch spins at you raise the rpms the motor has to spin to get the clutch to fully lock up and not burn the pads inside the clutch. Most centriffical clutches engage at 2100-3100 rpms. using a 10 tooth clutch with a 72 sprocket on your jack shaft on the motor side
other side of jackshaft use a 12 tooth to a 16 tooth freewheel on the hub will give you a gear ratio of 10-1 and 30mph @ 5000 rpm

There is also a way to hook up a chain so it can go to your pedals so you can still pedal the bike.
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