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Default Re: New, Hooked, and could use advice...

mostly flat land, often with 20 mph winds. Small bit of off road use, this summer some high mountain highways. Although I am planning on going for up to 8 hours a day this summer, it would unlikely be for more than 1.5 hours at a time without taking at least 15 minute breaks. Mountain bike with front suspension only. Planning on using the predator 99 cc engine at this point.

As far as licensing that is not an option here. You basically have to make it a full motorcycle before they would even consider it and regardless I am not allowed to have a drivers license so...

As far as laws go, for the most part if you keep it {in theory} under 49 cc I should be okay but planning on getting the 99 cc and putting a dummy sticker on it... {my bad lol}

I am very mechanical, I fix cars, motorcycles, almost anything and have the tools to do almost anything within reason. {Okay usually I have the tools to do anything except the one stupid tool I need to fix the XXXXX that I really need to fix right at this moment...}
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