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Red face New, Hooked, and could use advice...

2 weeks ago I got a beat up china girl from my son. I fixed it up and got it running. I am now hooked. I have a bit of a heart problem so I can not exert myself too much so this is really a godsend for me. I can pedal till I get winded or heart gets tired and then let the motor take over.

I want bigger, faster and more reliable now. I am thinking of doing a 2000 mile+ trip this summer so reliable is really important. I have spent countless hours surfing and am all the more confused now. There are so many choices and sooooo many opinions.

I was thinking of Dax's xc50S with his friction drive but wonder if that has quite enough power and speed for me as a lot of my driving for my trip would be in the Rocky Mountains and would also like to cruise at about 35 mph {on the flat, not while going up the mountains...} without bagging the motor either way. Keeping in mind I am 200lbs and would be bringing 50 lbs of gear.

Looking at the threads the predator 99
seems great but am not sure of the horsepower on it or if it could handle 8 hours a day of 35 mph reliably. Also being in Canada I am worried about getting parts in case of a breakdown. Also I can't go too huge as around here the cops can get a bit funny so I need to be able to at least be able to say, "of course it's only a 49cc" with at least somewhat of a straight face...

I also have no idea how to mount it or what other hardware I would need. I am thinking it might be a bit too big and too much hassle for frame mount so rear mount might be the way to go???

Is my logic on this right? Is there something better for me for $500-00ish or less? If I go with the predator what is the best mounting system and where can I go to get it? {URL's please}

Thanks in advance for your help!
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