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Default Re: What spark plug for my 80/66cc engine?

I agree with waiting till after break-in to perform any mods. If you are happy with your cns carb, thats good. some love em, some hate em. The nt carb is way easier to tune, but if you tune the cns carb properly, you can get a lot more speed. in the hills, I would definitely get an expansion chamber and either a bigger sprocket or a shift kit. upgrading your wiring is good for reliability of your ignition system, but im not sure it will give you more thrust. an expansion chamber definitely will. with any expansion chamber, the longer your head pipe the wider your powerband. a shorter header will only give you a boost at high rpm's and wont do crap on hills. as far as moving your needle, you want to check your spark plug first. I would definitely wait for that till well after break-in. Go for at least a 15-20 minute ride, then let the engine cool down, pull your spark plug, and look at the color of your prongs and the porcelain part. white or grey means lean, black means rich. anywhere in the range of honey, tan, brown, or chocolate is what you want. if you are lean, raise the needle. if you are rich, lower it. I was running super rich to the point that oil was leaking from my head. I lowered my needle all the way. the oil stopped leaking and my spark plug turned a toasty chocolate color. thats the color you want.

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