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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

I was able to get by for the moment without the welder of mine and made an extension of the rear platform on which I had my remade jack shaft to a dual stacked jack shaft. I got all the belts on, an will eventaully weld the extension to the platform so that adjustment is easier. I can get by for the moment by adding or removing a link on the link belt for two of the longer of the three belts but not the shortest one. There I am going to temporary take a slightly larger or smaller pulley an see about adding and removing links in the belt for that one.

A funny thing I was thinking what is that scraping sound as I tested without the pulleys on while spinning one of the jack shafts. I had not changed anything I thought. Then I saw the set screw for one of the pulleys I had temporarily loosened to line up the pulleys and saw the end of the set screw hitting a bolt holding the pillow bearing holder. I shortened the bolts with my dremel tool, but as you can see I have some small room for things to fit.

Got 44:1 ratio for parade speed and once I make a cover to protect from the fast moving 10 inch pulley on the top jack shaft I will start it up again and see how much quicker I can get the clutch fulley enguaged at the 2200 rpm. 8:1 was not good as 2200 was trying to get 20 mph and heated the clutch.

Should be around 4 mph and max at around 6 mph with the 44:1 ratio. Gonna hafta see about my balance at slow speed and a fish covering for the bike. There is one aspect will have to see as the 10 inch pulley on the top jack shaft will turn between 440 and 700 rpm theorethically. I may limit the throttle to only allow 4mph at the 2200 rpm if it seems to crazy. Then I can't get a speeding ticket! The gyro effect of the big pulley moving fast may help keep the bike upright while riding slow, I hope it does not hinder.

Later experiment with a dirt bike ratio in the 25:1 range


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