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Thank you, rustycase, for your reply. If I do go I probably won't take a laptop as I don't already own one and I would want to keep my costs down. I would, however, take many photos and notes and perhaps later write a book. You mentioned a "bearing version of the MT clutch". What is that? I'm still relatively new to this, so please explain. All I know is that my current clutch, which came with the Robin/Subaru engine (a 4-stroke, not a 2-stroke--my mistake) slips 2-3 seconds for every 20-30 seconds of throttle-wide-open in steady rain, even if the rain is light. Also, my engine came attached to the Staton-inc gear box and I have no idea how I would detach it from the gearbox in order to gain access to the clutch. Any ideas? David Staton is not easy to speak with over the phone, and he kind of expects his customers to figure it out on their own more or less. Does anyone out there own a Staton-inc axle mounted kit who also has experience removing the engine from the gearbox?
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