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Default Re: Motor dies after intial

Thank you all for the great feedback! I did get a few spare moments (from a bathroom remodel) to empty the gas tank and inside fuel filter. The filter did have some debris trapped. Approx. 10% covered with crud. Do you think this is enough debris to cause issues? I will order an inline filter as Gearnut suggested before I reinstall.

I will also take the suggestion to introduce myself. I am from the Midwest, Chicago to be specific, and have had my motorized Schwinn Jaquar for 5 years. Love the think to death, not many motorized bikes up here in Chicago, so I do get the "Looks" from envious bystanders .

I will also troubleshoot the killswitch. Will let you all know how much luck I have.

Thanks again for all the great advice, and I am proud that there is a community of likeminded bike enthusiast, so give a helping hand.
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