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Default Hello from the Chicago burbs

Hello all, names Kevin. Im looking into a 2 stroke 80cc kit on a Jesse James West Coast Choppers bike I got for free. The bike is in poor shape from sitting outside but a good start.

Other than the fun I find on forums, Im realy looking for input on what motor kit to buy. I see from posts on here qaulity is a issue with the 2 strokes, so Im trying to find some guidence. I realize it may be a vauge request but any input is appreciated.

The purpose of my build is for fun, not to get anywhere dependably. Maybe cruise it up to our local cruise nights. Im a car guy currently with out a running fun car, so Im looking at a bike build to bridge the gap till I finish my bug. I can cut, weld, drill, press inmy garage, Im sure beyond what I would need to do on a bike build, but if need be its there.

Other than a qaulity kit(or best my budget will buy), the issue I see is engine mounting on this particular frame and would love to see how others have handled that.

A few morequestions on this first post. Looking at threads on here i see qaulity is a huge issue with the 2 strokes, am i better to just buy the cheapest kit I can find on ebay and plan on tearing it down and make sue all is well and save a few bucks, or is there a better kit out there that IS worth spending more $ on?

Thanks, Kevin
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