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Default New Member Seeking Opinions on Build

Hello all,

I am completely new to motorized bicycling and was hoping that someone could point me towards some "sticky" threads regarding general help with picking the right setup for what a completely new person might be looking for. I have not seen any "stickies" like this around. Here is some background info:

1) Building out of necessity - used to ride bicycle 0.5 miles to work each day, recently changed jobs and now have a 2.5 mile commute with several moderate hills to contend with. Cannot afford motor scooter or motorcycle and parking a car is not an option.
2) I have a full size Scott Hybrid bike - advertised as a cross between a commuter and a mountain bike.
3) Weigh exactly 200lbs.
3) Really looking for something that I can turn the motor on and off easily while riding - don't need it going downhill, but would like to turn it on to go up the hills. Some of my commute is through a park, where I would definitely not want to have the motor running, and some will be going uphill on the road where I do not mind using the motor.
4) Want something as quiet as possible, but still have enough power to get me up the hills. Its not going to sound like a chainsaw, is it? Do these kits come with good mufflers?
5) Want something as unobtrusive as possible - I have seen some larger motors perched up over top of the rear wheel and it looks very conspicuous, I like the look of the motors that are tucked in the center of the bike. Basically I don't want to draw attention to myself from police, etc.
6) Budget $400 or under. Have a low to moderate level of DIY experience, and don't want to buy a kit that requires a lot of customization like drilling and welding.
7) Need something to last at least 1.5-2 years of daily commuting, 2-3 miles per weekday.

Given the above criteria that I am looking for, what would people recommend I start looking at as far as kits? 2 stroke vs 4 stroke, chain drive vs belt vs friction, engine size, etc? Different brands, stores? Chinese vs Japanese brands, etc?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!!!

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