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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

Originally Posted by MEASURE TWICE View Post
That routing of the tail pipe is really out of the way snug as I see. Great!

Thanks MT.
Ugly welds, but I'm pleased that it works. If anything I made it a little too snug. If you look closely you'll see that I had to trim down a couple of the cooling fins on the head as is was too cramped quarters to get a wrench in to snug down the forward nut holding the manifold to the engine. That or remove the Qmatic clutch to tighten the nut from underneath. I figured the little bit of fin sacrificed wouldn't make any difference.

I picked up the conduit bender on ebay for five bucks with another six fifty for shipping, then another eight for a cast iron handle from the hardware store. Ten feet of 3/4" conduit was just five bucks. Makes for an inexpensive exhaust pipe. My first try at bending was good enough to use and when I do a makeover of the bike this summer I'll do another one and see if I can get a tighter bend, polish it up like 2door did with his. Learning to weld is opening up new avenues.
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