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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

Before our next shop session we need to determine where the bung will be located, the fuel outlet and where the hangers for the tank will go. We taped the top piece of the tank to the rest of the tank and I set the tank into the frame to see first that it is going to fit OK and next to make these hardware decisions. The bung and outlet need to be on the same side of the tank so that it can slide into the frame. they need to go on the right side of the engine since the exhaust pipe is on the left side. If there is ever a leak from the petcock I don't want it dripping onto a hot exhaust pipe.

Two hangers will go above and I think I'm just using copper hangers for copper water pipe. There won't be any particular weight hanging since the tank will be shimmed from underneath with harness leather. Only one hanger will go underneath midway between the upper ones.

These are important decisions. Now holes can be made, the acorn nuts can be tack welded into place and soldered to seal them up. I'll first remove the nickle plating with a sanding drum on a rotary tool. Next week we hope to tack the top piece to the main body of the tank and then cut out and tack the bottom piece. This is going to be a great tank unless I totally screw it up welding.
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