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Default Re: Motor dies after intial

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Hmmm.... bad fuel delivery could cause that. The engine runs long enough to use up the fuel in the float bowl and then starves and dies. After 2 minutes the float bowl gets refilled enough for the process to repeat.
A partially clogged fuel valve? Also could be the fuel valve screen that fits up inside the fuel tank. Said screen should be discarded anyways and an in line fuel filter used instead like this one: Click for link to filter example.
What type of carb do you have? Some have a fuel valve on the side of them that can clog up just as easily as the fuel tank valve.

If you have no fuel filter at all, there also could be junk blocking the fuel inlet in the carb too.

A fuel tank cap that does not vent properly will cause that too. No air in = no fuel out.
Slow air in = slow fuel out.
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