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Default Re: Throttle hookup

sounds to me like the throttle is sticking or you have an air leak on the intake manifold. if you tighten the top of the carb too much it can cause the throttle slide to stick you might look at that first. I finger tighten the carbs top the spring inside the slide should allow you to open the throttle wide open and when you let go of the throttle it should snap back shut at least that is the way I've always tried to make mine work. There is a lot to things that can make the throttle stick most are in the twistgrip or at the carbs slide sometimes the cable is bent too much or it has a pinched spot or just needs a little lube.

for checking for an airleak spray around the intake manifold to cylinder mount and at the carbs slip on mount if you get a change in rpm when you spray the area with carb cleaner you probably have a leak allowing in air. Look at the classic posts for how to deal with these problems. I like to use silicone on the slip joint and a good grade gasket on the manifold mount.

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