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Default Motor dies after intial

I am stumped.... any assistance or suggestions are most appreciated!!

Heres what I have:
A 5 year old 80cc. 2 stroke china engine. Roughly 400 miles on engine.

What the issue is:
After the intial 2 minute warm-up, the engine will stutter, then completly die. Will not fire untill after after a 2-3 minute period, then will run for 30 seconds...then die suddenly.

What I have replaced:
Magneto, carb, CDI and spark plug, and intake gasket on carb....all new parts.

Should I be looking deeper? Maybe a blown gasket on the lower end of the engine. This engine has given me no issues at all... then suddenly, it doesn't like me

Thank you for any ideas that may come my way. Please let me know if more information is needed.
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