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Default Muffler keeps blowin' gaskets.???

My muffler keeps blowing gaskets for some reason, I decided to bash the muffler with a hammer to make clearance from the lower mounting studs ( I know it's not the right way to do it) I will not "Rube Goldberg" any more mufflers or other parts, Modify; yes---- bash with hammers NO... anyway I have cut the muffler off the pipe and installed a shorter muffler (small eng muffler from Ace hdwe) worked ok and acutally made the eng quieter but the exhaust "note" was a little more "piercing"... decided to install the original muffler via copper spacer and there's no tension on the pipe but it blew the gasket after a few minutes, during which time the engine actually ran better .. smoother, more power.. can anyone tell me where to get a muffler/pipe setup that I won't have to "fiddle" with?... I'm gettin' tired of this *&^($#@ muffler issue...
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