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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

The Schwinn Avenue is a Walmart special, $240, half that or less at garage sales around the country. The stock tires are decent, and the bike is a practical commuter and pretty tough. I used to ride it fast on singletrack mtn bike trails just for the heck of it. It corners well, but the narrow tires and low bottom bracket make it challenging. It's more like a cheap cyclocross bike with mtn handlebars.

The "fancy" wheels came on it. They are dirt cheap conventional hubs with chinese aero rims. They have survived some beating, but I am very particular about my wheel run-out. I'd rather have a 36 hole 3x set on this bike. Under pedaling power, with road tires, the aero rims do make a noticeable difference. With super tubes, fat urban tires, and a motor, its just for looks.

If you buy this bike, grease everything bc. the factory didn't! And tighten up your spokes before you move it 1 mile. Then it will be a durable bike, esp for a low cash bike.

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What is 'JetHot' coating?
Sounds good!

HCS... I kinda like that schwinn avenue bike.
Where can I get a bargain deal on those fancy wheels in the following pics?
I'd like to try them one day. :-)
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