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Default Re: Heres the bike I chose..

YeHaaa Bamm! I did 2 jobs today and kept checking email hoping your kit cam in.

Maurtis is exactly right, the white wire is a fifth nipple on a cow.

The clutch is a prehistoric, simple affair. There is, no kidding hundreds of threads on it. You are not alone and it will work.

LOL, wait until you try the rag joint!

"The 5 stages of motor bike building;

1. Antisipation while waiting for your kits/parts to arive.

2.Hair Pulling trying to get the universilly fitting kit, to fit your bike.

3. arguing with the chain.

4. Getting the rag joint/sprocket on right.

5. Rapture the first time you feel and hear "Veroom""
worst apocalypse ever
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