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Default Re: Heres the bike I chose..

I stole these instructions from another post here, but it explains how mine wired up:

Connected black CDI wire to black engine wire.

Connected blue CDI wire to blue engine wire.

Snipped-off engine white wire "not needed unless running a headlight, not recommended as it robs engine ignition power requirements"

Connected the two kill switch wires to the remaining two holes of the CDI terminals. "Color code not important".

The white wire supplies 6V power from the motor for lights, people usually just cap it off and do not use it, figuring the little HTs need to keep all the power they can for spark, lol.

My CDI wires ended in what looks like big female spade connectors. One on side of the spade connector you insert a wire from the motor, the other side gets a wire from the kill switch...

Hopefully that helps make things a little clearer, assuming your kit is set up like mine was.

And grats on finally getting your motor in!
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