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Default Re: Heres the bike I chose..

I ended up going to pick up a friend and when I pulled up there was a UPS truck out front. I figured, what the ****, and asked the guy if he had a my box on his truck. I showed him my ID and I went running home with my kit. Its been a few hours and a few adult sodas and it nearly done. I have a few issues that I need some help with. I might as well post it here for anyone following this thread. From the engine there is green , black, white.. From the Ignition bow there is blue and black and the kill switch has black and yellow.. The instructions are wrong and do not have the wire color combos in them.. My thought was from the engine to the ignition black to black green to blue, white goes to the yellow from the kill switch and the black lead goes to ground. I will include a crappy diagram lol.

and the clutch has got me all messed up. I am used to clutches that have a spring in them. This clutch seems to just rotate a rod with a flat spot on it. Dose this sound right. Also with the clutch linkage to the lever are you supposed to bend the adjustment screw open and slide the linkage into it?
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