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Default Re: Heres the bike I chose..

Originally Posted by Bammer View Post
I have re-written this reply 4 times over. Im getting a little hostile/peeved. The money is not the issue. I want to build it. The stupid comment about buying locally is what started this aspect of the conversation. Yes, i would rather build to my specs and have it cost me 1000 if its what I wanted. But buying a bike off a dude with a free website that dose not even work is not going to happen.
Settle down my Pterodactylus, no need to get hostile or peeved over a what I said, just so you know you could of purchased your kit local at a good price but then again you did not know. Next time....

Just so ya know I am not the dude with the free web site selling bikes, but I do have a website that does not work...

All aside from the bad start on my part, if ya need anything or help I am local...

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