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Default Re: 2011 skyhawk GT5 carb question...

Originally Posted by T to the IMMAY View Post
*I still think i might order the NT carb and see how that performs?????*
I thought the same thing when I first started working on my CNS carb. Once I got it running right I forgot about that right away, mainly cause I would have to change over the throttle cable when I change carb, and I am plenty happy with the CNS after I got her tuned up....

Glad you got her running already, seems like you did well. If you have good throttle response through the full range you should be good to go. If she bogs down at a certain point you might need a little tuning.

As for throttle response, on the CNS:

The idle jet, air screw, and idle screw have the most effect at idle throttle.
The needle position has the most effect for mid throttle response
The main jet has the most effect at WOT (Wide Open Throttle)

Lets hope yours is running smooth through the whole range and you wont have any special tuning to do....
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