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Default Re: Heres the bike I chose..

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
It's Friday Bammer! Did your kit show up yet?
Its raining today so probably no work. This means I will be sitting by the door like a little kid. Im refreshing the tracking info every 10 minutes even though it already "says out on truck", I'm considering clearing out a Rubbermaid tub for the front door and making a sigh just to be 100% sure that he leaves the Fracking package. I have waited a week and I'm soooo ready.

Originally Posted by rustycase View Post
Looks like a nice, stout bike!
You will probably want to get front and rear brakes.

Remember the 4th rule of flying. It applies here in MABland.
I definitely agree, this may be the biggest oops about choosing this bike. The larger than normal head tube is making it impossible to find a set of forks for a disc brake setup, I don't want to use that standard style of brake due to the copper finish on the wheels. I really am that vain. I may be breaking out the welder and fabbing something up. I'm not sure yet.
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