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Default Didn' want to come in without some words

Hallo guys,

I've been reading in this great forum for nearly a month.
Here lots of technical knowledge comes together. That's impressive.
For a forum the handling is quite friendly with each other. Congratulations to the members and, if it does not even work out, to the moderators.

I'm a German. Married, 1 son, 56 years young and I'm afraid of the day when I become adult.

There is some experience with two-strokes. Zündapp, then 3 Yamahas when I was young. About ten years ago the rebirth: Hercules motored bicycles. In the meantime I have about ten of them. Some of them are quick. Quick for the 30cc Sachs engine with nominal 0.7hp which they never reach from stock.

Two month ago the unthinkable happened. I bought my first china-girl engine. It's a 48cc noname from ebay. An ISO 9001 product.
The crankshaft is displaced 1,5mm out of the middle, the bottom needle bearing seems to be alright. But the piston pin has about 8/100 mm play. And this is beyond any German Tolerance.

Otherwise, I'm pretty boring. A technician just. But first, I will have a lot of questions.
My English from the school will get better. Otherwise, the Google Translator helps.

Have a nice day!

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