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Default Well there it is - built!

Decided to opt out of trying to work out which parts of my brain can't see what is probably obvious to an engineer, so taking my built bicycle to a motorbike place for finishing. What I will be asking is:-

Why does this clutch control have three settings and yet the clutch seems to be permanently engaged?

There is no travel on the throttle. Is it done right?

The chain guard thinks it's a machete. Further thoughts on how to make it act just as a guard?

I've put in a mixture of 16:1 as recommended by the Chinese, yet the bally thing still won't start. Why?

Will I be legal riding this thing, even though I've asked the police and they don't know either.

That should be a question for any Brits on here. Insurance too. What are your experiences please?

As an aside, and as this seems to be predominantly an American forum, can you please tell us who was on the grassy knoll?

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