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Default Re: Do peddlers hate me?

Originally Posted by muddybike View Post
I don't get how you don' t think that that 2stroke or 4 stroke engine between your legs or slightly in front or behind you does not count as a motorized vehicle.
If we are running on engine power , yes we are a motorized vehicle, peddling and sweating your balls off , then no.
If you have to run engine power why not take the roads ?
I just think it wont take much of some guy bombing along on a bike or pleasure path to rack up a pile of complaints or cause a injury to force the government to look at us as real motorized vehicles(ie insurance). I personally see little difference in it being a 4 stroke or a 2 , regardless its a motor.

Oh I see, I reread your post, so basically in your state your 4stoke bike falls under the same laws as the low powered scooter things that really overweight people use to move around wall mart?

Regardless I think its in really poor taste to run a motor in a non motorized path. But I guess I don't live where you live so carry on, hope ya don't hurt someone .
The law here says under 50cc, 4-stroke or 2 don't matter, it's still a bicycle under the law. The bike trails around here allow motorized bikes. The signs that say no motor vehicles also make an exception for motorized bicycles.

My buddy was riding his motor bike on a new greenway trail here when a pedal biker told him he shouldn't be on it. My buddy rode, with his motor, to the next sign with all the rules. He waited for the pedal biker to get there and pointed out that motorized bikes were allowed. Pedal biker learned a lesson that day, least I hope he did.
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