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Default Re: Lady In Need of Advice

I suppose you are speaking of the 2 stroke 50 or 70cc Gru Bee or similar motor. I think the worst problem is vibration loosening nuts. I would recommend Loc Titeing everything you don't want to fall off. Also it is very important to observe the heavy oil mix for the break in period and not extending the motor during that period as the oil-rich mix means a gas-lean mix and can cook the engine wide open. Also, every run for awhile should be followed with re-torquing the head bolts after cool. I have found starvation at high speeds due to the restrictive fuel tap. I intend to install an inline filter and eliminate the fine screen in the tank. That's about all I know about these crudely made little things. They require care due to the metallurgy. I have yet to decide how to ensure adequate lubrication for the primary drive gears, which are quite noisy. At this point I have packed it with bearing grease and inserted a piece of currogated cardboard in as someone suggested to deaden the gawdawful embarrassing clatter. Helps a little. Next I will see if the case can contain a bit of differential lube without oiling down the clutch. If so, a filler and level plug will follow. I think quantity is the rule. It is a high-pressure lube containing sulfur. It is rough on brass or bronze. Good luck. You CAN do it.
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