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Default Re: Do peddlers hate me?

I have to say that I ride where ever the wind takes me. I know the local laws and my rights. If I'm going into the city and feel like the scenic route then I'll jump on the path. When I ride on the path there are stretches where I'll go fast but for the most part I try to obey the posted speed limits and be courteous to others on the path. I pay no attention to the "No Motorized Vehicles" sign, it means nothing and does not pertain to us (depending on your state). I can see if our bikes had 4 wheels, an electric starter, and so on... then maybe. Here the 4 strokes fall into the low-powered scooter class because of the centrifugal clutch and pull starter, so there is a little room for argument. However, 2 strokes, being that it is a "bicycle with a motor" it cannot be classified as anything else other than an "assisted bicycle". We debated with a officer just this weekend about this. After its all said and done they always say obey the trail speed limit and go to enforce more important things. I'm not going to let some rich spandex wearing... skinny tire riding azzhole dictate my fun and where I can and can't go. My rule is "play chicken with them", just kidding.
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