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Default Re: Do peddlers hate me?

Originally Posted by muddybike View Post
Sign me up for the NEVER run the motor on a bike path, only on a bike lane beside a road, crowd.
Had a peddler pull up beside me and tell me it was cheating , even tho the engine was off (bike path), I looked at him and said "yeah right you know how much drag and extra weight im pushing at the moment?" , I stopped peddling for only a moment , and my bike slowed to a stop almost right off the bat.
He laughed and replied "fair enough."
I hear you about the drag on a motorized bike. I just got a Sturmy Archer Dyno Hub... I couldn't imagine how hard it would be to pedal all the time against the resistance of the dyno. The frame mounted style can be flipped off but the dyno hub is always on :l

Boise is a bike town with paths and lanes. None of the paths are anywhere near where I live. What's kind of bad is we have a lane/no lane/lane/no lane kind of problem with the no lane areas really dangerous. I plan my routes around those places as best I can but they can't be avoided all the time.
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