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Default Where are all the 49cc engine only

Is Dax the only one who has them in stock or am I overlooking someone. Was hoping to find one in the BGF price range. I've checked all the sponsors with no luck. If anyone can point me in the right direction please do. I'd prefer not to get a 66cc due to state law, (even though I'm sure I could get away with it) and I've read on these forums that the 49cc's are balanced a bit better. Plus I'm already tuned for a 49cc pipe and carb wise. Might just have to go ahead and rebuild my current but I wanted to use it to mock up mounts for my Stiletto.

Talking about 2stroke HT's

On a side note anyone know of an better flywheel to connecting rod bearing or even a bushing that would fit one that came with a bearing?

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